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How to download and convert youtube videos

How to download and convert youtube videos

1) Copy the URL from the page with the video

2) Paste this in the text box at the top of and select from the source options in the dropdown menu.

FLV Players [Windows and OS X]: Wimpy VLC Transcoding Software: Riva Total Video Converter Imtoo

3) Right click on the box that says 'Download Link' and select 'Save link as' (in Firefox), or 'Save target as' in Internet Explorer.

4) The file should begin downloading. It should be a .flv file, but in some cases it will be called get_video.htm or similar. In these cases you must change the extension of the file manually to .flv

You may need to set your system to show file extensions to change.

To play the .flv file we reccommend Wimpy (it’s free):

How to download and convert youtube videos

Converting the FLV
For the next step of the process you will need to find a compiled version of FFMPEG. The program is free, but is not generally distributed as a compled binary. A list of download sources is provided at the end of this page. You will find versions with differing amounts of bugs. You may need to try a few version before you find one that works. Once you have ffmpeg.exe, put your .FLV file and ffmpeg.exe into the same folder. Open a command line by going to Start - Run and type in cmd.exe. Hit Enter and you will be looking at your command line. Navigate to the folder containing the FLV (and ffmpeg.exe) using the CD command. Issue the magical command of: ffmpeg.exe -i yourvid.flv output.avi (you could also change it to or output.mpg if you want to convert to one of those).

ffmpeg.exe should kick in and begin converting the file. It will look something like this.

You can find the output file in the same directory as the input file. If it doesn’t work, you may have a buggy version of ffmpeg. Try find a better one. Here are some places you might find them:


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